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What is NPSRE?

In 2002, the Northern Peninsula Special Religious Education (NPSRE) Association was formed for the purpose of providing a permanent SRE teacher at the Cromer Campus of the Northern Beaches Secondary College. In 2003 we employed our first teacher and since then have provided a part-time teaching role in the school.

Approved Providers

Every SRE teacher is accredited by one of the following Approved Providers:

  • Anglican Diocese of Sydney
  • Baptist Union of NSW
  • Presbyterian Church of Australia (NSW)
  • Uniting Church in Australia (NSW Synod)

Accreditation includes training in the subject matter, teaching skills and child protection. In addition, teachers must obtain and hold a valid Government Working With Children Check.

Do students have to pray in SRE classes?

No. Special Religious Education (SRE) is education about a religion, not participation in the religion. This is open to everyone.

Students may attend Voluntary Student Activities (VSA) such as lunchtime groups, where students offer faith-based support for one another. VSA’s are not part of SRE or school curriculums.

Can anyone attend Christian SRE? Do Catholics attend Christian SRE?

Yes. Parents must choose one particular SRE or non-SRE but there are no restrictions on your choice. Cromer Campus provides Christian SRE and everyone is welcome. This curriculum is suitable for all Christians as it teaches the foundational beliefs held in common by the Approved Providers participating in the combined arrangement; it does not teach about distinctions between various denominations.

Why do you teach only one religion? Why not teach all of them?

SRE is education in the beliefs and practices of an approved religious persuasion, delivered by authorised representatives of that religion. An SRE teacher can only be accredited by their own religion.

Learning about similarities and differences among major religions and Christianity is part of the SRE curriculum. The Department also provides General Religious Education about the world’s major religions through the school curriculum.

Why is ‘non-SRE (private study)’ available as an alternative to SRE but Ethics is not?

Ethics is available in Primary (K-6) but not high schools. This is because no volunteer organisation has developed and registered a curriculum for high school.

I am an accredited Primary Ethics (K-6) teacher. Can I come and teach ethics at high school?

Accredited SRE and ethics teachers are only allowed to teach lessons from an Authorised Curriculum. As no curriculum has been submitted to the Department for high school ethics (7-12), there are no authorised lessons available to teach.

Where do I find more information about the curriculum?

The authorised SRE curriculum used is “Think Faith” produced by CEP. The curriculum and sequence can be downloaded from the Think Faith website.

I have a different question so how can I contact NPSRE?

All questions are welcome so just click on the Contact Us button.